About Us

We at SoCal Ragdolls have one overarching goal: to produce the healthiest, friendliest, and most beautiful purebred Ragdoll kittens in all of southern California.

From the time our kittens are born, they are constantly handled and spoken to in a quiet voice. They learn to recognize our touch and scents quite quickly. Both of our mother kitties do not mind at all when we lie with them and the kittens; in fact, they all very much enjoy our company. The kittens are in our bedroom at all times so that we can keep an eye on them. This way, they get used to the normal sounds of a home: television, kids, vacuum, et cetera. None of our cats are ever separated from the babies, so when one cat has kittens, all three females want to play mommy to each other’s litters! Teddy, our daddy cat, also roams around and will kindly tolerate the kittens (to a point – when they try nursing on him, that’s when he gets up and leaves!).

All of the kittens get extra special attention. They are never caged. Rather, they enjoy full roam of the house once they are old enough to explore. They love for us to rub their bellies and massage their paws and feet. They also love playing with toys and exploring the cat tree. We often find the babies in the kids’ rooms on their beds, just hanging around, and then at night they want to be in bed and sleep with us grown-ups. We are constantly talking to the babies, and often they will begin to meow back us!

Our goal is to have the kittens socialized as much as possible so that once they go to their forever homes, they will adjust far more easily, thanks to having been raised in a loving home environment.