About Ragdolls

Ragdolls are perfect pets for first-time owners, families with children, or people who are looking for a loving and loyal companion. But it is important to understand that the Ragdoll is, in some very important ways, quite different from other breeds of cats.

Docility & Defenselessness

Ragdoll cats are very large, very sweet, and entirely docile. Their kind and unassuming nature renders them unable to defend themselves in the outside world. Therefore, they must never be allowed to roam outdoors; they are strictly indoor pets.

Furthermore, because of this natural docility and inability to defend from harm, Ragdolls must never be declawed, as their claws are their only hope of self-protection. As a Ragdoll owner, you will have a greater-than-normal responsibility to keep your kitty safe.

When you purchase a kitten from SoCal Ragdolls, you will be required to sign a contract that binds you to your promises to neither declaw the kitten, nor let him/her outside without direct supervision and protection.

If you disagree with either of these safety precautions, then a Ragdoll cat may not be for you!


The Ragdoll’s docile nature and disinclination for self defense does, however, make it a wonderful family pet! They love children and are naturally fond of large dogs. Moreover, they far prefer to be right beside you than hiding in a corner; if you want a cat that follows you from room to room like a puppy, then a Raggie is just right for you!


Ragdolls can be quite remarkably trainable. They take to leash- and harness-walking with ease. They can also be trained to do some tricks, like “sit up” or “roll over.” Some can go even further and become service animals! We have at least one Ragdoll from our cattery who has become a therapy cat with a San Diego service chapter — this cat goes to hospitals, nursing homes, and children’s centers to socialize with patients and brighten their days!